Professional Ceramic Table制品 Sets Manufacturer And Wholesaler For Star Hotel & 自1998年以来餐厅.


Classic Style Fine Porcelain Dinner制品 with Embossed Decal - TD05
Casual Modern Square White Porcelain Dish Set for Hotel - TW05
Fill out the detailed information and and you will get the best design solution for FREE!

彩瓷 晚餐制品 集 is in various style, which are smoothly, glaze and durable.

The designs and colors are unique and fashionable, which presents the personality and style for different dishes.

Our colored 晚餐 集s are classified by color and paint.The color include the single color and mixed colors(matte or glossy), 这幅画包括凹面,凸面和手绘.

适用的 M基础上: Microwave Oven/Oven,Disinfection Cabinet and Dish-washing Machine.

适用于:Star Hotel, 餐厅, Airline,Banquet hall,Buffet,Coffee shop ,Bar,Wedding,Mall,Leisure venues,


Patterns are varied as well as can be customized.

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